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If Not Now, When?

June 20, 2018

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June 1, 2018

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Join the Club

April 13, 2018

I can get distracted so easily sometimes. Squirrel! I hope you haven’t gotten distracted and forgotten to switch to my new blog site. Each post is filled to the brim with encouragement on enjoying an unhurried life.

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It’s Time to Switch

February 6, 2018

If you haven’t already, It’s time to switch! My ACTIVE blog site is now Hop on over and be sure to subscribe!! We’ve just started a new contest, “Beat the Blues” winter giveaway. You don’t want to miss it. Today on The Breezy Porch it’s all about nostalgic living. Join us!


Simple Festivities for You and Your Girlfriends

November 27, 2017


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Time for Holiday Simple Pleasures

November 7, 2017

Don’t let the busyness of the holidays zap your joy. Enjoy the simple pleasures of the holidays. Join me today as we begin unwrapping each simple pleasure gift. Head over to my new blog site. Be sure to sign up for my FREE eBook so that you don’t miss any of the fun.

New Things Ahead

October 29, 2017


For the past six months my mind has been filled with Simple Pleasures. I stared at the end of last winter, curled in my cozy red chair and began typing away at 365 simple pleasures. Things changed and it grew.

Those simple pleasures turned into a FREE eBook of 24 Everyday Simple Pleasures, a new website, and a series of  four eBooks each containing 75 pleasures. 75 Seasonal Pleasures – Summer and 75 Seasonal Pleasures – Autumn are complete and available on my website. The others are in process.


Anna final little things

I can’t stop thinking about simple pleasures! Yesterday I sat down with my family to whip out a list of Christmas pleasures. We had 75 in no time. Due to the creation of these books, our perspectives have been enlightened to easily see the simple pleasures all around us. I am excited to share those ideas with you.

Here we are on the brink of the holidays. WHAT? ALREADY? Yes! It is like my father recently said, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end of the roll, the faster it goes.” Did you ever think you life would be compared to toilet paper?

No need to fret about the holidays. They can be crazy or you can learn to find simple pleasures in the midst of the madness. I hope you’ll join me this season as I unveil simple seasonal pleasures to enhance your holidays.

You will need to sign up for my FREE eBook and when you do, you will be subscribed to my new blog on my new website. Then you will not miss any pleasures this holiday season. Just click on the link and come visit The Breezy Porch.

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