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She’s Worth it!

May 10, 2017

A lack of time, can translate into a lack of gift giving creativity. We are on the verge of Mother’s Day, and although good ole Mom will be thankful for any gift, she deserves more than a last minute present. Give your mom a gift that shows you took time to think about her and what would bring her joy.

Today’s post is just a few ideas to prime your thinker. What does the mom in your life like to do? How does she like to relax? What are her interests, dreams, and desires? Give gifts that make her feel special, something that shows her that you know her heart.

Start with the gift of time. Spend time with Mom doing what she will enjoy.

Take her to a farmer’s market. Buy her yummy Amish pies and freshly baked bread. Pick up a tomato start or some herbs, and don’t forget some farm fresh bacon.

Here is the link to Kokomo’s Farmer’s Market.


Here is the link for the state of Indiana.

Mom spends a great deal of time watching movies that were not necessarily her first choice. Choose a movie or two that you know she’ll love, make the pop-corn, and get the snacks. Sit and watch the choice that will entertain her, with no thought to your own tastes. She does it all the time.


A picnic is a perfect Mother’s Day meal. Unless she loves going out to eat at a restaurant, surprise her with a picnic basket full of her favorites. Head to her favorite park and be sure to take along comfortable chairs, a quilt and pillows.


Plant the tomato plant and herbs that you picked up at the farmer’s market for her. Do any other gardening that’s been on her to-do list too.


When choosing gifts, think of what she loves to do, or ways she would love to spend her time.

A basket full of art supplies for the artist, or art dabbler.


A stack of her favorite magazines, journals or stationery are also thoughtful gifts.


A literary favorite with some music to match. Be sure to give her time to sit and read.


find a gift to add to her collection. My collections include red and white dishes, roosters (of the French variety) and French inspired décor. What does she like to accumulate?




Something to make her summer a bit more yummy.


A journal like this lets each of you share your thoughts for each other.



Most of all, just let her know how very much she means to you. Share with her how she has influenced you, and formed your life. Give her your full attention, and your devotion.

Happy Mother’s Day!





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