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Where’s Your Happy Place?

June 9, 2017


I made it down the gravel drive, onto the highway, and past three houses before the car completely died. It’s still there, dead. So, the girls and I had a pleasant morning stroll back to the house. Boy, am I glad the car died. It is such a glorious morning, and to think I might have missed that lovely walk if the car had not died. (I may not sound as happy when we have to pay the towing bill.)

I may sound like Pollyanna, and her “glad game,” but, who could be upset on a morning like this. This morning is the reason I stay in Indiana. When the snow is piled high, and the sky is cloudy for months, it is remembering mornings like this that keep me from high-tailing it south. The bluest sky ever, and 68 degrees is near perfect! This morning, I am in my happy place.

I’ve been thinking about “happy places,” ever since my trip to Kansas City for my son’s college graduation. I was feeling a touch overwhelmed that weekend, as I dealt with emotions both high, and not so high. I was so very happy and proud of my son, but I was struggling with being sad for the end of this part of his journey. Then early the morning following the graduation my father had a TIA. As I understand it, that is a temporary stroke. He is fine now, and after two days in the hospital, he was able to head home to Arkansas.

My girls and I stayed in KC a few days longer to visit with my son. We decided to visit Missouri Town, a historical village from the 1800’s, nestled in the lush countryside. We were the only ones there, and as I walked down the gravel road in this picturesque town, I felt my peace returning.



I have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, El Paso, Lubbock, Houston, and Dallas Texas, but I am a country girl at heart. I crave the green country side. That is where I find my, ahhhh.




It is important to find, and spend time in your own happy place. Life can be so crazy, and our emotions just function on auto-pilot. We must make time to visit and even linger in our own happy place. First you must decide where that is at. Each of us re-charges differently, and we each find peace in various places. Mine just happens to be wherever it is green, add a beach, and OMG!


Anna’s happy place was by an original Monet at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.


My home, my happy place.

I am not going to miss one second of this beautiful day. I’m writing this blog on my front porch, listening to my little waterfall. I’m getting giddy!


Our creek where we sit and read stories, happy, happy place!

I encourage you to spend some time in your own happy place. There’s no better place.


Blue sky, blue water, ahhhh!



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  1. June 9, 2017 3:06 pm

    Just reading this was relaxing! Thank you for sharing the pictures, I really enjoyed looking through them.

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