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A Change in Plans

DSCF6643 A rare, I hope, March snowstorm affored our family the opportunity to enjoy the day and each other.  At this time of year most of us are longing for spring and summer to arrive but the weather had other ideas.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I loved every single flake.  What a wonderful day I had being derailed from my plans. Today I’m going to share some photos of our day.


With Easter less than a week away, a snowman seemed inappropriate.  So here is Peter Cottontail.

DSCF6651 On Saturday I enjoyed a spring-like day from this very swing.







DSCF6655 This was my view yesterday.








DSCF6661 My girls and their friend enjoyed some swing time too.







Boys must have snowball fights.  My son is quite a character and keeps us all laughing.  Here is his idea of snow attire; shorts with scarves tied around his knees. (don’t ask me)




Snow forts are a must.







They are getting ready for their contest of barefoot snow running.







My son in the lead.  He is my barefoot boy.






DSCF6678Next it was time for tea.  A tea party is about fun and fellowship.  We just grabbed stuff.  None of it matched and I had no good food in the house.  I made finger sandwiches out of creamcheese and jelly.  Ritz crackers were spread with peanut butter and Nutella and a plate of graham crakers were added.  We all grabbed hats and ties or jewelery.  It was the best tea party EVER.  My son entertained us with stories recited in an impecable Brittish accent.  I laughed the whole tea party long.











DSCF6685Pinkies up!










DSCF6683 Got to have sugar cubes.








DSCF6684 Even Dad joined in.
























DSCF6674 A roaring fire to top it all off.

Every now and then a change in plans or an unexpected event gives us an opportunity to take a moment.  Do not let these opportunities pass you by.  Seize the moment and enrich your life.  This unexpected snow day will give me memories and laughter forever.

Thank God for the snow.




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  1. May 15, 2017 11:51 pm

    Such family fun.
    Your children will have such wonderful memories and traditions to pass along to their children.

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